About the area

This sheltered location on the coast of the southern Gulf of Evia is ideal for winter dry-berthing of yachts.

The local area offers gentle cruising around the bays of Evia and the Attika coast and further afield  there is good access to the Saronic Gulf, the Cyclades,the Aegean to the south and to the Sporades north through the dramatic straits of Chalkis.

About the Harbor

The Harbor of Chalkoutsi is just half mile from Evoiko Sea Center. The maximum draft of a boat that can ender in the port is 2m.

It might be small but it is beautifull with good facilities such as water,fuels and security.Approaching to the port entrance needs some attention in order to avoid shallow water at the left from the outfall of Asopos river.

The direction for the final 500-1000 m of approach should be S-SE as near as possible to edge of the marina entrance.In case of rough weather Evoiko Sea Center can provide to our lovely customers a place for free  but this can happen only upon request via phone call (0030-693 896 4184).

About the Weather

Chalkoutsi is a safe shelter for your boat especially for the prevailing summer North direction strong winds (meltemia).

Thermal Air streams of around 3-4 Bfrt are present after 14:00 on a daily basis, but do not create problems during mooring. 

Oropos (the big city nearby)

The Oropos founded in 2010, uniting nine former Municipalities and resulted from the Administrative Reform, known as "Kallikratis".

It occupies the entire North-East Attica and extends from the Gulf of Evia to the foothills of Parnitha and the lake of Marathon to the border of Attica Viotia.

Oropos crosses the main road axis of the country and is a municipality in which they operate many different professional disciplines, has unique natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

The famous spa town of northeastern Attica is a region with great history that is lost forever. In ancient times was the robust agricultural center "Graia" city of Tanagra in Boeotia and originally belonged to Pandionis race. The area is placed in the current position of Skala, with the administrative border between the Thebans and Athenians power.

In 373 BC passes the damaged city of Boeotia to Athens, and later becoming an independent apartment of Attica.Important tourist resort for all seasons, offering an irresistible combination of mountain and sea, prefer thousand Athenians, who because of the highway have easy access s'this without problems and delays. Besides the approximately 40 kilometers that separate him from the center of Athens is a very short ride.

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